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Questions & Answers:

Dough Products for teachersHow long will my Aroma Dough play dough last:

The more you knead me…  the more I need you!"  With proper love and care I can last up to a year.  I especially like being stored in a cool dry place - even the fridge works great!

Where can I reorder?

At of course.

Where is the product made?

Only in America where it was invented in 1992 by moms who care about quality! It is made of all natural food ingredients, is safe, non-toxic and conforms to United States Standards ASTM-D4236 for playing doughs.

Testimonials: (Send us your happiest picture with Aroma Dough and we’ll post it. Jpeg format.)

My kids LOVE this product! They ask to play with it everyday. I never used to let them play with regular playdough as it was a mess…but not Aroma Dough. Thanks!!

S. Kessel, San Antonio, TX

Aroma Dough used in ClassroomAs a teacher, just a note to say thanks!!! My class was excited…they love Aroma Dough. I’ll share the product with the other classes so they can enjoy it too. . . Paula Scull.

Escondido, CA


Thank you so much for the Aroma Dough play dough. My kids and I love your product! Thanks!. . .

Melinda Oliver, San Diego, CA

My son Tommy is 2 and is a champion “worm and snake” sculptor using Aroma Dough®. Thanks for making such a great product!

Marybeth Wurster, Seattle, WA

Aroma Dough cookiesMy girls (5 & 2) spend hours play with your product everyday. Since I have a 10 month old and a large house to run the time that is freed up for me is very appreciated. I wish I had all the money I’ve spent on the toys they never play with and I’d buy more (lots more) of Aroma Dough®. We bought our first bucket at Price Club in San Diego . Here’s a picture of the Aroma Dough play dough cookies they made for me. Thanks again from all of us!

Monica Khoury, Amber, Rose & Callie, California.

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